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湖水洋洋山色苍苍   地灵人杰太平文物冠殊方

喜吾华族联合一堂   培才育德花开桃李久腾芳


努力发扬   养成大器   永为华联焕荣光

努力发扬   养成大器   永为华联焕荣光.


The water of the lake is rippling in the breeze, 
The colour of the hill turns verdant in the morning sun, 
The land has been nurturing prominent talents, 
Taiping has been producing top scholars through the years. 

We, the Chinese in Taiping, are glad to be united under one roof, 
to provide education to foster the mental and moral development of our offspring. 
May all our students forever strive for excellence for the glory of Hua Lian.