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CUSTOMER’S RIGHT 普罗士邦(国民型)华文中学品质宣言 We as the SMJKPS students and staff vowed to contribute our effort and energy for: 我们全体普中师生决意全力以赴 1. Spread knowledge culture and and loving environment 营造一个有文化和有爱心的学校。 2. Produce excellent students in curriculum, co-curriculum and ICT. 塑造身心均衡发展的优越学生 3. Educate potential students without prejudice. 公正地发掘学生的潜能。 4. Build working ethic among students and staff in SMJKPS. 秉持文化及工作准则 5. Provide the complete physical infrastructure based on school ability. 依据学校的能力设置完善的硬体设备。 6. Always be sensitive and proactive towards customers necessity related in educational. 时时积极关注各方于有关教育的需求。 7. Do the work efficiently, punctually and rationally 有效率、准时和理性地履行任务。 8. Ensure the students and staff work towards the school vision,mission and motto. 确保全体师生努力达致学校的愿景、使命及校训