Co-Curriculum 课外活动 - Clubs & Societies 协会与俱乐部

Kelab Konsumer News 新闻

Chairperson 主席: Cheah Siew Hung 谢秀虹
Secretary 秘书: Evangeline Ong Shi Tyng 王诗廷
Treasurer 财政 : Lai Chia Gee 赖茄箕




Heng Ee Consumer Club was formed by a group of students who wanted to know what are the privileges and rights of consumers. During activities, the AJK of the club will teach the members on what are the privilege and rights of a consumer. Besides that, our club will also organize a one day trip for the members annually. We will also invite external personnel to teach our members to make soaps. Our club will then sell those home-made soaps to the visitors during Parent’s day and other school events.