Co-Curriculum 课外活动 - Clubs & Societies 协会与俱乐部

Photography Club News 新闻

Chairperson 主席: Phuah Jun Hao 潘俊蒿
Secretary 秘书: Lim Kai Xian 林楷闲
Treasurer 财政 : Khor Zhi Hao 许志豪


摄影是“第三眼艺术” 的灵感。 本校影艺学会在1981年成立,目的是培养会员对摄影的热情以及在当中寻找摄影的乐趣。当时的会员人数仅有16名,如今本会的会员人数已突破100名。本会注重理论,实战,解决问题的教学方法加上年度摄影旅行深受学生爱戴。这些课程主要针对那些对摄影毫无认识,或初购入相机但不懂得操作的同学。导师先打好学生的摄影根基,然后认识摄影技术以及最后知道保养摄影器材。同时,影艺学会也肩负重任帮忙学校拍摄教师,学生,学会团体以及大大小小的美丽时刻,并将会刊登在学校刊物于同学们分享。


Photography or “The Art of Third Eyes” helps people to capture glorious moment and to remember people they have known. Our school’s Photography Society was established in 1981. The membership has been increasing from 16 initially to more than 100 members now. We emphasise both theoretical and fun practical tasks such as exhibits, workshops, competitions and field trips to instil the passion for photography in students and our Annual Photography Outing is always the students` pet. Members whether they are totally without any basic knowledge or those who have just bought a camera gathered because of the passion for photography and finding something fun between science and arts. We are entrusted to be in charged of the school's photography work such as taking photos of the teachers, students, co-curricular bodies and all school events and sharing it to everyone.