Co-Curriculum 课外活动 - Clubs & Societies 协会与俱乐部

Persatuan Agama Kristian News 新闻

Chairperson 主席: Ong Kim Hoong 王金宏
Secretary 秘书: Teng Kai Shen 邓凯绅
Treasurer 财政 : Cheng Zu Bin 钟祖斌


我们公交学青学会是一个蛮自由,蛮快乐还有蛮好玩的一个学会。每当学会开始活动时,我们会分享一些关于余廉神父 的故事,学青的来历,还有进行有我们会员们自己创造的游戏。偶尔,老师们也会参与我们玩一些游戏如:记忆游戏,桌面游戏,音乐椅子等游戏。我们学会也时常鼓励会员们想新的活动来进行。


Our school Persatuan Kristian Muda is a very free and happy society. During our activities, we will sometimes share stories about Father Julien, learn about the history of our society, and even play some games that are created by our own members. Occasionally, teachers will also be invited to join in on some more interesting games such as board games, memory related games, musical chairs, etc.. Members are always encouraged to come up with new ideas to engage in during the following activities.