Co-Curriculum 课外活动 - Clubs & Societies 协会与俱乐部

Career Counseling Club News 新闻

Chairperson 主席: Koay Jay Ming 郭爵铭
Secretary 秘书: Goh Mun Ling 吴曼菱
Treasurer 财政 : Lee Win En 李眃蓁




  1. 学习自我探讨,认识自己。 
  2. 帮助青少年更有能力面对青春时期的种种挑战,建立积极的人生目标。 
  3. 协助学生在升学与生涯规划上,做出更合适的生涯决择。
  4. 学习沟通技巧,增强人际关系。


Heng Ee High School’s Career and Counseling Club help members to know and understand themselves and the world of work in order to make career, educational, and life decisions. Through the weekly activities, members better understand the development and challenges of adolescence, equip themselves with communication skills hence establish a positive goal in life. Objectives:

  1. To learn how to self-reflect and get to know one self.
  2. To better prepare students to face challenges and to help them discover their goals in life.
  3. To help students in planning their future career and education plans and to make the appropriate life decisions.
  4. To equip themselves with communication skills, thus improving their people skills.