Co-Curriculum 课外活动 - Uniformed Groups 制服团体

School Librarians News 新闻

Chairperson 主席: Lim Zheng Min 林铮玟
Secretary 秘书: Chew Ying Siew 周盈秀
Treasurer 财政 : Chuah Wan Ying 蔡婉莹




Established in 1982, Heng Ee High School Board of Librarians is now 34 years old. The board is formed by a group of students who enjoy reading. In line with the board’s main objective, the spirit of cooperative, the board aims to create a condusive reading ambience and a high quality professional material circulation service. With the librarians’ passion and the cooperation by the teachers and students, the board has successfully incorporate the culture of reading into the entire school compound. Furthermore, the board provides a series of reference book and past year papers for the students to achieve academic excellence. The mutual beneficial teamwork among the librarians creates a harmony atmosphere, thus increases the quality of service. Besides, the board often organize some interesting and beneficial events like library skills training and educational trips to ensure every librarians possess good service attitudes. Nowadays, Heng Ee High School Library has reached a luminous era, attracting many people to visit our library in order to see the literary grace of our board.