Co-Curriculum 课外活动 - Uniformed Groups 制服团体

Tae Kwan Do News 新闻

Chairperson 主席: Beh Ming Chen 马泯城
Secretary 秘书: Sim Chen Ee 沈晨艺
Treasurer 财政 : Ng Xin Le 黄欣乐


恒毅跆拳道俱乐部是一个武术制服的机构,旨在为学生提供体验一系列优质和令人兴奋的每周训练的机会,根据我们的学校时间表,跆拳道俱乐部提供了一个培养纪律和团队合作的好方法。学习跆拳道的主要目的是为了自卫和健康的生活。 8次的训练将有机会进入分级考试。学生从白带走向黑带。我们的目标是代表恒毅高中参加比赛。恒毅跆拳道不仅帮助学生自律,而且塑造他们成为未来的领袖.


Heng Ee Taekwando Club is a martial arts uniformed body that is set up to offer students a chance to experience a number of quality and exciting weekly training practices,according to our school schedule. Taekwando Club provides a great way to cultivate discipline and teamwork. The main objective of learning Taekwando is for self defense and to have a healthy life. After attending 8  training sessions, students recognized by the instructor will be given a chance to enter the grading exam. Students will be able to progress from white belt to black belt . Our goal is to represent Heng Ee High School to participate in tournaments . Heng Ee Taekwando not only helps student to be self- disciplined but also molds them to become leaders of the future.