Co-Curriculum 课外活动 - Uniformed Groups 制服团体

Pengakap News 新闻

Chairperson 主席: Ang Chern Yeong 洪丞勇
Secretary 秘书: Lee Khai Ming 李凯铭
Treasurer 财政 : Queh Chen Phang 郭晴腾


童军组织是国际性的制服团体,通过童军活动,可加强团员之间的友谊。本童军团成立于1971年,在多方面的努力与支持下,本团各项活动都得以顺利进行。在槟州,本团是最活跃的童军组织之一。本童军团的宗旨是“为社群服务,并通过各项活动,培养团结精神”。本团的校内活动丰富多彩,包括搭架、操步、急救课程、烹饪比赛等其他活动。学校假期期间,本团也会举办常年训练营。此外, 本团团员也参加了营火会、登山、徽章考试及各类比赛等不少校外活动。本团也提供机会给团员们为学校及社群服务,让团员吸取经验,并从中训练他们的领导能力,以便将来有能力为社会及国家做出更大的贡献。


The Scout organization is an international uniformed group. Through scouting, friendship can be strengthened among members. The Heng Ee Scout Troop was established in 1971. Through various efforts and trainings, every event is carried out smoothly. In Penang, we are recognized as one of the most active scout troops. Our main objective is “To serve the community, and cultivate a spirit of solidarity through various activities and events”. Our weekly activity includes pioneering, marching, first aid courses, cooking competition and many more activities. Furthermore, training camps are also held during school holidays. In addition, our scout members are also involved in extracurricular activities such as campfires, hiking, test and examinations in order to gain badges and awards in interschool competitions as well. Last but not least, we, the 21st Georgetown (South) Troop, also provides opportunities for members in community services in order to gain experience and enhance their leadership skills in order to make a greater contribution towards the society and the nation.