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Coacademic English Language State Competition
02 Aug 2019 School Admin - SMJK HENG EE (PENANG, GEORGETOWN) 

2019年度全槟英语诗歌朗诵(choral  speaking) 团体赛中,恒毅中学勇夺铜奖,并荣获全场最佳指挥奖。值得一提的,本校是在13队中脱颖而出夺得上述的奖项。恭喜!恭喜!再接再厉!!
In the 2019 coacademic English Language state competition, 13 schools in Penang managed to reach the state level. SMJK Heng Ee managed to get 3rd placing and best conductor in Penang.
Congratulations to Heng Ee Bayan Baru Choral Speaking team and teachers. 

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