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Teacher's Day Celebration
16 May 2008 School Admin - SMJK HUA LIAN (PERAK, TAIPING) 

Teacher's Day was celebrated today at the school level.  Present at the ceremony were the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr Lim Eng Hua, The Chairman of the Parents Teachers' Association Mr Ooi Cheong Leong and members of the PTA.  The messages of Minister of Education and the Director of Education were read out by the Senior Assistant of Student Affairs, Mr Ooi Hieu Soo and the Senior Assistant of Administration, Mr Chin Fut Hong respectively.  Words of thanks were cited by the headboy representing the students followed by the Principal's address. 2 poems were recited, and a dance was performed by the students. Football game and telematch were organised by the Sixth Form Council. Gifts, flowers and food were everywhere, good wishes from students, teachers and office staff were filled to the brims. A sumptious lunch marked the end of the joyous, meaningful and unforgettable day.

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