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27 Mar 2017 School Admin - SMJK KATHOLIK (PJ) (SELANGOR) 

Happy Retirement 

Mr Tham Kok Peng, Senior Assistant for Student Affairs of Catholic High School, Petaling Jaya was given a most touching and memorable retirement ceremony by the school on 17March 2017.

The Board of Governors, Marist Brothers, the Alumni, PTA,  ex-colleagues and former principals, administrators, staff and students  showed great care and love in appreciation of Mr Tham’s tenure in CHSPJ.

Many interesting programmes were carefully planned to ensure Mr.Tham left the school with priceless moments to cherish.

During the ceremony, Mr Tham commented that he trusted the teachers' ability and dedication will continue to inspire the students greatly.

Like many others, Mr Tham’s gentle patient nature has proven to be effective in dealing with his colleagues and students. 

Mr Tham is well known for his regular use of acronyms whenever he speaks in any occasion in school. For example, UMNO means U Must Not Overwork or MMI which he literally translated to “Masa Melindungi Isteri” instead of Masa Melindungi Instrucktional. He is also well known for his “V” gesture to display his carefree attitude towards his strenuous job.


As he clocks out of the school for the last time, teachers and students lined up along the main school drive way to the school gate to bade farewell to Mr Tham with loving hugs and well wishes.

Moving forward, it is "Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension!" for Mr Tham. He has a new list of KPIs to achieve during his retirement, especially “Masa Melindungi Isteri”.

CHS hope that Mr Tham will enjoy his much deserved new life.

“Happy Retirement, Mr Tham and all the best!” 

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