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八打灵公教中学 2016年 SPM 成绩放榜
27 Mar 2017 School Admin - SMJK KATHOLIK (PJ) (SELANGOR) 

SMJK Katholik, Petaling Jaya continues to shine in the 2016 SPM examination, emerging as the top school in PPD Petaling Utama and 5th place in Jabatan Negeri Selangor.

The school achieved an average school grade (GPS) of 1.83.

In the state ranking, our school was fifth. Two of our students’ were chosen as the top-scorer from the state. They are Iddhima Chong Hui Yi  scored 11A+ and 1A and  Eer Kai Jun scored 10A+ and 1A.

The passing rate of SPM 2016  is 99.80%.195 out of 511 students scored 9As and above in their SPM. Most of the subjects achieved 100% passing rate. The GPMP for Mathematic and English is 0.78 respectively which is the best among all the subjects.

Elated with the results, SMJK Katholik new principal Pn.Low Lai Khun said that this achievement was the best so far in the history of the school.

“We are very proud to have achieved this excellent result.”

“There will not be any success without hardwork and determination. The students are accountable towards their studies and success in life,” she said.

Pn.Low paid tribute to the former principle Mr. Ong Boon Puah, the school teachers and parents, Board of Governors, Marist Brothers, the Alumin, PTA  for their sacrifices and support in helping the students in achieving this great success.

2016年大马教育文凭考试(SPM)于16 日放榜,八打灵公教中学再获佳绩,全校共有512 位考生,考获平均积分(GPS1.83. 成绩冠八打灵再也县,在雪州则排名第五。


SPM 18 个科目中,公教共有13个科目考获100%及格率,这些科目是国文、英文、数学、科学、物理、化学、生物、美术、回教、中国文学、科技文学、圣经知识。其余6个科目也取得理想成绩,包括道德教育、历史各99.8%、附加数学98.9%、会计98.6%、经济99.3%及华文99.0%。值得一提的是, 数学和英文各取得GPMP 0.78 的佳绩。

校长罗彩洁表示,很高兴看到本校取得这么亮丽成绩, 这应该是历年来最佳成绩。这是本校四大机构、家教协会、老师、家长的配合和同学们的努力才能有今天的成绩。希望来届的考生向学长和学姐们看齐,继续努力考获佳绩。


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