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25 Feb 2010 csf 

First and foremost, I am sure every teacher will agree with me that every year is a challenging year and this year is of no exception. With the construction of the new block going on, the classes had to be carried out in the science laboratories and other temporary rooms since April last year. Despite all the inconvenience and difficulties, I am glad that all the staff and students have done well.

This year, one of our students, Akira Wong has made the school well known throughout the country by being one of the four top students in the nation who scored 16 Als in the SPM 2008 examinations. Our school also produced 62 students with 5 Als and above making 55 of them able to qualify for the prestigious Yayasan Sarawak awards, which makes the school ranks among the top 3 in the town. For PMR, the percentage of students scoring minimum pass D in all subjects has improved greatly from 70.67% to 79. 4% and there are 32 students scoring straight As making up a total of 10.63%.

The co curricular achievements were good. We managed to preserve the championship trophy for table tennis girls team and the volleyball girls team in the interschool competition. This year we have an increased number of students participating up to the national level in swimming, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, taekwando and wushu competitions. With additional support from our PTA member and ex-student, Madam Teresa Wong, our athletes have achieved excellent results up to the national level. The uniform groups like the Schools Scout Group produced two king scouts- the highest level achievable award for the scout group. The red crescent society also did well in the Foot drill competition defeating all the other teams in Sibu to win the champion trophy for the Sibu Division-girls category. In co-academic activities like Chinese calligraphy and essay writing, our students have done remarkably well. We will be carrying out more programs to help the students to continue to achieve in this area.

Apart from the excellence achieved by our students, the teachers have also performed well. Our senior assistant for Co curriculum, Mr. Wong Sing Yew has served in the school for more than 20 years, has inspired and led the students through many competitions like the Malaysian Invention & Design and Commonwealth Invention Exhibition in New Zealand. He personally has won the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation Education Award in 1995 & 1996. This year he is awarded the excellent co curriculum award by the Education Department during the Teachers Day Celebration. We hope more teachers will emulate his example.

As we are faced today with the new challenges, we should take on a new perspective as we look at our roles as teachers and educators. We are to meet the high expectations of all in bringing about a quality education for all, one that is of international standard. We should think of developing each child according to the best of his potential to become what he could be and make a contribution to the society and to the country. We should not only focus on developing skills and achievements only but rather on the character that motivates or generates the outcome. We believe character determines success. This year we started with the Character first program which is a continuation from the character development program started off earlier last year in 2008. We carried out the teacher orientation seminar in early April this year. Thereafter, once a week, we have a presentation defining and explaining each of the characters by the team of dedicated teachers and senior assistants. The other teachers will follow up and emphasize them in the class and at all times. The key is to be the examples and to model the way because example is a language that anyone can read.

We are constantly recognizing in our students characters like attentiveness, showing the worth of a person or task by giving our undivided attention or diligence- investing their time and energy to complete the task assigned to them. We hope to make this an ongoing program that will benefit all the students as well as the teachers.              .

We also want to take the opportunity to thank our school board of directors especially our chairman, Datuk Hii Yu Ho, who out of his care and love for the school has gone all the way to provide a new block which will ensure an increase in the number of classrooms and various utility rooms for the school. In addition, SMK Tung Hua will also sees a new facelift in the form of an extended car park area for the staff and a new landscape. Besides helping to solve the problem of parking for the staff, this also helps to provide an aesthetic front view for the school.

In March this year, we elected the new committee for the Parent Teacher Association for the term 2009-2010. We would like to extend our special thanks to Yang di-Pertua Mr. Robert Tang for his availability and willingness to serve for the 3rd consecutive term since 2007. Our thanks and appreciation also goes to all the committee members for the support in all the activities carried out for the benefit of our students and for the school..

Finally to all the present form 5 and form 6 students, we wish all of you the best in the forthcoming examinations.

Thank you

Strive for Excellence, Above & Beyond.





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