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History of School

学 校 历 史 槟 城 孔 圣 庙 中 华 学 校 创 校 于 公 元1904 年, 是 马 来 西 亚 华 文 教 育 发 展 史 上 最 早 开 办 的 正 规 华 文 学 校 之 一, 而 且 是 最 先 以 华 语 作 为 教 学 媒 介 语 之 新 式 学 校, 也 是 唯 一 在 海 外 获 得 中 国 清 廷 政 府 立 案 的 华 校。 Chung Hwa School, Penang, established in 1904 is one of the oldest formal Chinese Schools in Malaysia and possibly the first to use Mandarin as the medium of instruction instead of the Chinese Dialects. It is the only Overseas Chinese School to be sanctioned by the Manchu Government under the Ching Dynasty which officially presented it with royal seals bearing the school’s name through its consulate and prominent local businessman Cheong Fatt Tze who is also credited with being the founder of the school. Originally located in rented premises at the present day site of the Penang Chinese Town Hall in Pitt Street, the school moved into its own building in Maxwell Road in 1908. In 1912, the Confucian Association known as the Confucian Temple allocated RM17,000, a princely sum then, to sponsor the school which came under the patronage of the Temple and the term “Confucian” became part of the name of the school. In the same year, the first School Board of Directors was formed. The School held the first School Sports in the history of Chinese Schools in Malaya in 1913. 1972 was a watershed in the school’s history when the secondary school moved into new premises at its present location in Island Park. The primary section continued at the Maxwell Road premises and in 1975 it split into 2 separately administered primary schools “A” and “B”. In 1980 both Chung Hwa Confucian Primary Schools “A” and “B” moved into new premises next to the State Mosque when the old site was acquired by the State Government for the Komtar Project。 Character In the past, many children attending school on the first day were taken to the Confucian Temple to worship and undergo a ceremony in which they signified with a pen their adherence to the Confucian faith and their hopes to study well and wisely. This ritual is still practised by Year One pupils on entering school and the basic Confucian philosophy of rites, righteousness, relationships and benevolence towards others and keeping order in relationships and in the state remains the cornerstone of the school. The close relationship between Confucian philosophy and education is very much alive with emphasis on the responsibility of doing one’s best to achieve excellence. Once a year, on the Birthday of Confucius which falls on 27 August of the Lunar calendar, there is an assembly, a worship ceremony, a dinner, a talk and in some years a special magazine in memory of Confucius.