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From The Principal’s Desk

Education has become an important agenda in our country. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays an important part in every smart school. All institutions of learning in this country do not wish to be left behind, hence various efforts of learning through Information and Communication Technology are being implemented to enable everyone to benefit from this technological advancement. Congratulations to the Computer Club of Catholic High School (CHS), for this wise step taken so as not to be left behind in this modern era. In becoming a citizen of the Internet World which appears to be the channel or mankind’s communication media in the future as well as to be consistent with the hope and aspiration of our government in producing a developed country in the field of Information and Communication Technology, the Home Page of CHS is now born. The CHS Homepage is the pride of all members of this school. It has not only successfully recorded all historic events in this school but also gives information on activities that are presently being held. I believe this noble effort will bring benefits to all. With this Home Page, it shows that this school intends to advance together with the tide of Information And Communication Technology, constantly encouraging and providing opportunities to all its members to be involved directly in this world of cyber advancement. I take this opportunity to express my thanks to all those who have contributed greatly and sincerely to make this project a success. Thank you.