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08 Aug 2021 Pasukan Olahraga - SMJK Heng Ee 
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AJK List 2021/2022
07 Aug 2021 Kelab Taekwon-Do - SMJK Heng Ee Filed Under 文件存於 taekwondo
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How to prevent the Covid-19 Disease from Spreading
15 Jan 2021 Kelab Komputer - SMJK Heng Ee 
How to Prevent Covid-19 from Spreading To prevent the virus from spreading, we all need to follow these simple rules: We must wear mask when we want to go outside. We must social distancing at least 1 meter when we are queueing up to buy something or food etc. Whenever we want to... [ Read More 更多  ]
MSSPP Archery Championship 2018
03 Jul 2018 Kelab Memanah - SMJK Heng Ee Filed Under 文件存於 Archery, Sports, MSSPP
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