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07 Mar 2024 School Admin - SMJK HENG EE (PENANG, GEORGETOWN) 

🤖 恒毅囯民型华文中学峇央峇鲁分校科技创研及机械人设计学会 于3月4日至3月7日在PSC@Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, Penang Science Cluster所举办的科学圈创新训练营比赛中荣获亚军✨
💡本团队设计的社交平台 "Unyoung" 让中年或乐龄人士可通过该平台交友,既发出邀请邀约其他用户聚餐、购物等,亦促进年长者的社交生活。
💡另外,团队也设计的手机应用程式 "HoHo Tracker" 也利于帮助家长实时追踪并监督孩子们的课业及学习进度。
感恩及谢谢校方、顾问老师及家长的鼎力支持! 🙏🏻
🤖 9 students from Innovation and Robotics Club of SMJK Heng Ee Cawangan Bayan Baru has joined the Penang Innovation Bootcamp 2024 organized by Penang Science Cluster on 4 March to 7 March 2024 and won 1st Runner Up, earning a RM300 cash prize ✨ !
💡The social platform "Unyoung" designed by our team allows middle-aged or old-aged people to make friends through the platform, and also promotes the social life of the elderly.
💡In addition, the other team has also designed a mobile application "HoHo Tracker" which helps parents to track and monitor their children's schoolwork and learning progress in real time.
Members Involved 🧑‍💻 :
"Unyoung" -
Gan Yi Hang (T3A)
Lew Yang (T3C)
LimJun Yih (T3E)
Isaac Fong Wah Kin (T3F)
"HoHo Tracker" -
See Jia Huan (T3A)
Tan Si Yin (T3B)
Joel Yap Jian Wen (T3F)
Tan Zhi Qi (T3F)
Marcus Tan Khoon Zher (T3H)
We are grateful and thankful to the school, teachers and parents for their support!🙏🏻

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