忠 勇 诚 毅

Information 资讯 - School Administration 学校行政

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Pn. Chang Keng Ling
Principals:   Mrs. Chang Keng Ling

Dr. Cheong Yuen Keong

Senior Administrative Assistant:   Dr. Cheong Yuen Keong

Pn. Lew Poh Peng

Senior Assistant Student  Affairs:   Mrs. Lew Poh Peng

En. Willeam Peter a/l Peter Nadeson

Senior Assistant Co-curriculum:   Mr. Willeam Peter a/l Peter Nadeson

Pn. Chua Chun Buoy

Senior Assistant Afternoon:   Mrs. Chua Chun Buoy

Pn. Dayang Setiah bt. Mohamed

Senior Assistant Form Six:   Mrs. Dayang Setiah bt. Mohamed

En. Lim Soon Huat

Language Head:   Mr. Lim Soon Huat

Cik Lai Huey Hung

Sciences and Mathematics Head:   Ms Lai Huey Hung

Pn. Chua Swee Lee

Vocational and Techique Head:   Mrs. Chua Swee Lee