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Principal's Message
08 Aug 2007 School Admin - SMJK YU HUA (SELANGOR, KAJANG) 





It gives me great pleasure to pen a few words of welcome to all on the SMJK Yu Hua portal upon my return to my Alma Mater as the principal.

A website is an amazing window to an unrestrained world of knowledge. It interlinks people and has already globalized the world today. A marvelous blend of versatile skills of creativity, efficiency and hard work add to its success. It is a great pleasure for the school to express its soul and frame to the utmost end of the world through the channel of this website. I would like to thank the SMJK Yu Hua Web Development Team for doing a wonderful job.

It is  imperative that SMJK Yu Hua evolves, improve and commit itself to the pursuit of excellence in order to meet the challenges of the twenty first century. The SMJK Yu Hua Portal website is being continually updated, upgraded and improved to provide greater information to parents and the community.

Research has proven that students whose parents are involved in their children's education have a greater likelihood of success in school. Parents, the staff and the community must all work together in unison, with a spirit of cooperation to fulfill all of their  promises in order that a student can eventually attain his/her dreams.

Please take the time to explore our website to learn more about our school.

Thank You 

Mr. Chan Kai Choon,

Principal, SMJK Yu Hua Kajang

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