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27 Mar 2017 School Admin - SMJK KATHOLIK (PJ) (SELANGOR) 

Biology teacher Datin Sivaneswari A/P S.S Pillay said goodbye to everyone at SMJK Katholik with a heavy heart upon his retirement day which was on 15March 2017.  After all, she had spent her entire teaching career spanning 34 years at the school. She is currently the longest serving teacher of the school.

She retired as the head of the SPBT and head of teacher advisor of Interact Club.

A special assembly was held to send her off. It was attended by the Board of Governors, Marist Brothers, the Alumin, PTA,  Rotary Club of Petaling Jaya,  teachers and about 1500 students, who presented Datin with gifts as a show of their appreciation. There were performances by teachers and students during the ceremony.

During her speech, Datin Sivanes hope that students will do all their best in their undertakings and find passion in doing them.

Our Principal Pn.Low Lai Khun said, “Being a hardworking teacher, Datin has always been totally responsible in discharging her duties.”

“She is an asset to our school and she will truly be missed by all of us in CHS as her commitment to her work has always been exemplary to all.”  

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