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四十五年来,晋中已培育上万名学生,散居在国内外, 在各领域做出贡献,体现了“今日我以晋中为荣,明日晋中以我为傲”的理念。 


Brief History

Kuching High School was established in 1962 by Kuching Teochew Association. It was formerly known as Min Teck Middle School and was once the venue for Chung Hua Middle School and Chung Hua Middle School No.2 as well. The first intake of students on 15th January 1963 had a total enrolment of 830 students for 25 classes in both the Chinese and English streams. The initial set up consisted of 7 wooden blocks built on a 3 acres land.

In line with the national education policy, the teaching methodology in Kuching High School has been constantly reviewed to meet the changing needs. We have been pursuing our noble mission in instilling Chinese culture to our younger generations through various means such as offering Chinese as one of the preferred subjects. With the concerted effort of all, it is now a renowned school and was awarded “Sekolah Harapan Negara – Peringkat Negeri Sarawak” in year 2002.

The school currently has a student population of over 1700 students which includes students from all races.

Ex-Highians are generally competent in three languages which gives them the competitive advantage in the pursuit of their future undertakings. Besides, many trained teachers for Chinese primary schools are graduates of Kuching High School, making it a major source of recruits for teachers.

Over the past 45 years, Kuching High has nurtured thousands of students who are now either staying abroad or in their homeland. These Ex-highians have excelled in their professions and have contributed greatly to the society.


History 1916-1962

Before Kuching High School was formed in 1963, its base was formerly owned by Min Teck Junior Middle School, which was formed by the Teochew Association on 1916.

During 1941, this school was closed due to the Japanese Occupation in Sarawak.

After the retreat of the Japanese in 1946, the school was reopened and named Chung Hua Middle School, under the administration of a board of management consisting of 13 main associations in Kuching.During that time, it was the sole Chinese secondary school opened after the invasion.

In 1958, this school was called Chung Hua Middle School No. 2.

During the early 60’s, the Education Department of Sarawak introduced a programme to make changes to all the Chinese secondary schools. Following the implementation of this programme, all the Chinese secondary schools were included in the National Educational System. Thus the language used in school was converted from Mandarin to English. However, Mandarin still remained as an important subject taught in school. The Board of Management was given choice whether to accept this programme or not. Those schools that refused to accept it were excluded from the assistance given. The board had come to the decision to reject it. Consequently, all the Chinese schools were privately run without government aids.

Later on, some parents of the students from this school had taken up the initiative to find ways together with the Teochew Association. They requested that the association take back the premise of this school and make it a government-aided school. The Teochew Association had taken into consideration of this matter and felt that it was necessary to form a government-aided school in Kuching. With the support of parents and with the consent of the Education Department, Teochew Association decided to take over the administration of this school.

In July 1962, the Board of Management obtained the consent from the Education Department of Sarawak to form a government-aided school. It was officially registered as SMB Kuching High on December of the same year. The Board of Management that has been responsible for the formation of this school consisted of 9 members, with C. P. Law as the chairman, Hsu Yaw Tang as the supervisor, Teo Kui Seng as the treasurer, T. Y. Tan as the Secretary of the English Department and Chung Hung Sheng as the secretary of the Mandarin Department. Meanwhile, the other members were Teo Boon Kui, Ho Ah Chong, Tan Kim Tuan and Van Tan Kui.

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