Maklumat 资讯 - Persatuan Bekas-bekas Pelajar 校友会


The Alumni or the Ex-Highian Association was formed in 1972. Meetings are held at the Teochew Association's Office at Jalan Mathies, Kuching. There is usually one meeting every month. Each year there are between 8 to 10 committee meetings. The Alumni was formed with the sole purpose of helping the school students who are still studying and those who have graduated. Every student after their secondary education is eligible to join the Alumni. Membership form can be obtained from the Teochew Association premises. Among the many activities carried out in the past years are: 1. Seminars for school leavers and present students concerning higher education 2. Counselling on prospective jobs and job searching 3. Donation to the school's Chinese Cultural Club 4. Scholarships for Members' children Games and competitions for members to create healthy interaction 5. Donations to the school to improve the school facilities 6. Donations to Orphans' Home 7. Donations for building new classroom blocks

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