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11 Mar 2009 School Admin 

Dear All


A fire on 2nd December 2008 razed the school's Administrative Block and Junior Science Block which also housed the rooms for uniform groups. Apart from the concrete blocks, Block 6 & 7, Block 2 has been certified "unsafe for occupancy" and Block 1 and 3 are of wooden structure which are almost 70 years old and require urgent rebuilding.

For the past 45 years, Kuching High School has provided secondary education for some 10,000 children for over 5,000 parents. They were nurtured under Chinese culture and well educated in Bahasa Malaysia and English which meet the needs of the nation and society. In the next 45 years or so, we will certainly continue to send our future generations to Kuching High School. The school is located in the hub of the city, it has excellent teaching staff, excellent trilingual curriculum and school fees are subsidised by the government; only the land and buildings are provided by the community. The rebuilding cost is a burdening sum, and your immediate help is most urgent.

The Kuching High Rebuilding committee was officially formed on 6th January 2009, comprising members from.the Ex-highians association, PIBG, Teochew association and the school board of management. The mission of the Kuching High Rebuilding Committee is to develop the master plan for the school with the limited area space, and to rebuild the school blocks in stages in accordance with the fund available.

Kuching High Rebuilding Committee cordially invites you to be part of our fund raising sub-committee, and to attend a briefing on Friday, 13th March 2009 at 7:30pm at the multi-purpose of SMK Kuching High. Please bring along other ex-highians and friends as well. Together we shall pull resources together and with the concerted effort of all, we rebuild Kuching High for our future generations.

For Contact: email: [email protected]    Tel: 082-242457    Fax: 082-423508


See You There!


Yours sincerely




Kuching High Rebuilding Committee

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